UV Teeth Whitening System: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it work on dental restoration? (fillings, crowns, veneers, bonding, or bridgework)

Answer: Celebrity Whites was specifically developed to whiten natural tooth enamel. Therefore, this system will not whiten or alter any dental restoration.

Question: What happens if the bleaching gel is swallowed?

Answer: Celebrity Whites formula is nontoxic. Like anything else, "too much of anything is not good." Avoid swallowing when possible.

Question: How often to use?

Answer: For most people, 1 or 2 weeks will give noticeable results. Any additional desired whitening effect can be maintained with "Periodic Touch Ups."

Question: How long will the results last?

Answer: Your teeth will stay noticeably whiter for up to a year, however, variables like your age, diet, and individual tooth structure will affect the results.

Question: Are there any side effects?

Answer: A few people will experience increased sensitivity or minor gum irritation. These symptoms will diminish if you discontinue use for a few days. The Celebrity Whites dental whitening gel contains natural mint oil for a pleasant flavor, and is pH balanced to reduce, and in most cases eliminate any sensitivity that might be experienced.

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